Monday, 22 October 2012

UPDATED! | Hospital Wards Close Due To Legionella Scare | Hornchurch, London

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Hospital wards close as patients fall ill with suspected cases of Legionnaires Disease, reported today, 22nd October 2012.

The wards closed last Friday (19th) in St George’s Hospital in Hornchurch when the disease was suspected to be affecting patients - They moved the patients when they received a high counts of legionella in the water systems back from laboratory tests, indicating that the patients my have contracted the disease, however, no confirmed cases have been announced.

The patients at the surrounding hospitals have been closely watched over this weekend to ensure the confirmation of the diagnosis. When such details become available, we'll post an update as soon as possible.

As this is a potential legionella outbreak in the County's Capital, we are sure to see a further rise in the HSE's interest in the ACOP (L8), as previously has been seen with the latest few legionella scares. Dare we say more spot checks and closer monitoring procedures are on the horizon.

------- UPDATES 23/10/2012 -------
Out-patients are now not being admitted to the hospital due to the high legionella counts found in the

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