Monday, 27 February 2012

Block Salt For Water Softeners - Let's Take a Look at The Top 10 Reasons

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There could not be a better time to buy a water softener these days - prices are going down, the units themselves are improving, but most people just want to know what the best kind of salt is to use in what softener. This question crops up very frequently, and we only have one answer....

Block Salt.
Is it the best kind? 
Yeah, we think so.

There's nothing worse than splitting a bag or granular salt all over your garage floor, or taking forever to pour a heavy bag of pellet (or tablet) salt into a softener tightly tucked under your kitchen sink, shaking your head, asking "Why on earth isn't there an easier way of doing something so simple?"
Block salt, when used in a water softener, can increase the user experience as well as the performance of the softener itself. There are a fair few kinds of water softeners that take block salt now, so there's even more reason to buy! The comparison between using other types of salt (tablet/pellet or granular) makes it an easy choice for us - Here are our Top 10 countdown of reasons why:

10. Storage
These beauties stack up very neatly - their shape makes it super easy to pack them away in small spaces - They'll probably fit under the sink too!

9. Weight
Their weight makes them ideal for every type of person; The whole range of salt made available on the market today are usually around 25Kgs! And let's face it, unless your a fitness freak or a body builder, no ones going to find moving huge salt bags of 25Kg an easy task, especially if you want to stock up. The block salt comes in easy carry bags, that weigh only 8Kgs each (each block is 4Kgs)

8. Cleanliness
As I mentioned before, dropping a load of granular salt all over the floor isn't fun - it's a waste of money for a start, and cleaning it up is murder - definitely something we could do without - Thank god for block salt!

7. Widely Available
There are literally tons of suppliers in the UK that can delivery direct to the door - one phone call, and that's it! Of course, this is true for other types of salt too, but none is so widely available as block.

6. User Experience
There are many customers that find it difficult with softeners that take other types of salt to work out when they need to top up to make sure their softener carrys on running at its best. This is where block salt is handy as its shape means that once there is only a third of a block left two more can be popped in, meaning your softener never reaches empty!

5. Wide Range of Softeners that Take Block Salt
There is a huge range of softeners out there that take block salt so you will definitely be able to find one to suit your needs. The Crown softener is our most recommended softener as an all round great performer!

Check this out for a wide range of block salt eating softeners.

4. Softener Performance
Block salt's anti-caking agents mean that your softener won't get blocked up so there will be no nasty lumps to contend with and will save you calling out a plumber unnecessarily to service your softener.

3. No Mess, No Fuss
As previously said, Block Salt comes in an easy to use form so that no measuring is required and no spillages will occur, when you are filling up your softener, meaning no messing around trying to stop salt from pouring all over your floor!

 2. Quality Standard
Block Salt is made in the UK and is food grade salt promising you great quality salt at all times!

1. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap!
Block salt is much cheaper to buy than any other kind of softener salt so stock up now!

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