Monday, 23 January 2012

Our Hearts Go Out - Baby's Death caused by Pseudomonas in Belfast Hospital

This is why we deem our work of the utmost importance. Water treatment, and monitoring, is one of the least talked about legislation's on the map, but is, for all to see, so very important to keep on top of.

These poor children, unfortunately, have to pay devastating consequences of a poor monitoring system, obviously being performed by a completely incompetent company, who should take their work much more seriously. Either that, or the authority just couldn't be bothered to sign off a few purchase orders to keep on top of their water hygiene. 
Either way, This is an incident that should never have happened; we would like to send our deepest condolences to the families of these young children - our hearts go out to you completely, and honestly.

The  Belfast telegraph reported this:

"The latest results show that none of the 24 babies who were patients at the Belfast’s Royal Jubilee Maternity’s neo-natal unit at the time news of the outbreak broke last week have shown signs of an active infection of Pseudomonas. However five babies are being closely monitored because tests showed they have the bacteria on their skin"
Read more:

We sincerely hope that these children get the best care and treatment and we wish them a swift recovery.

Article written on behalf of the staff at Spectrum Environmental Solutions Limited - Please contact us for a monitoring regime that wont fail - UK - 0870 729 0199.

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