Tuesday, 14 January 2014

FormWorks is Here!

After trialing and liking, Spectrum have decided to go ahead with Digital Solutions' FormWorks system. Our engineers have been armed with iPads and Spectrum have taken a big jump towards eliminating that nasty hard copy paperwork, in favour of the environmentally-friendly, electronic kind.
    FormWorks is an online data collection system, which as you know, Spectrum have been looking into for a while. Its speed, versatility and easy-to-use interface won us over and now we can offer, our clients, an even more efficient service. Technical Reports and Risk Assessments will be flown, through cyberspace, quicker than ever before. I think we need a catchphrase - from iPad to eye? (I'll keep working on that one!)
   Spectrum opted to create our own forms, on the system, based on our existing hard copy ones. We found it pretty easy to load and edit forms and the only real problem we came across, in the end, was the amount of editable fields we are allowed, per form. We have a lot to say and we don't like being limited!
    So if you see one of our Spectrum engineers wandering around the place, clutching an iPad, you will know what they are up to.

Please join me in crossing your fingers that we won't have any water damaged iPads.

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